Rosemary Dressing

This is the current rosemary situation at my house: Yep. That is a lot of rosemary. We planted it a few years back and it has just exploded. I hate to let anything go to waste, so I’ve incorporated rosemary into many dishes. Some of my favorite uses of the herb are lemon rosemary chicken … More Rosemary Dressing

D.a.T. Sauce

Another one of my goals through this blog is to introduce products that make living healthfully easier. D.a.T. sauce is one of those products. This sauce is what I put on my avocado egg toast each morning to seriously take it to next-level delish with its spicy, tangy, slightly sweet flavor. Along with great taste, D.a.T sauce is … More D.a.T. Sauce

Avocado Egg Toast

Good morning! This is my very first blog post, so I thought I’d share how I start almost every day. Isn’t she a beaut? My beloved avocado egg toast has been my go-to breakfast for months now. It packed with good-for-you healthy fats, protein, and fiber to keep you full and energized all morning. Best of … More Avocado Egg Toast